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Elden Ring Has a Hidden Pair of Underwear for Some Reason

Players have found a pair of strangely fancy underwear hidden within Elden Ring – but you can’t find them normally.

According to Polygon, Deathbed Smalls aren’t accessible without cheating, but they were cut from the game fairly late since they’re a fully fledged item with artwork and stats.

Deathbeds are part of a wider set found in the game. One of the pieces of the same set, the Deathbed Dress, can be found in Elden Ring, The Royal Capital, near the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace.

In Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold hub area, Fia – one of the characters – wears the Deathbed Smalls. FromSoftware games have allowed players to wear both NPCs’ and enemies’ clothing since Demon’s Souls, so finding and wearing Fia’s clothing isn’t unusual. It is strange how revealing this item is and the fact that it was fully created before being removed from the game. Although, “weirdly revealing” probably explains the removal.

There seems to be no way to get the Smalls yourself except to play Elden Ring offline, and use Cheat Engine to give yourself item ID 1930300. YouTube user Fighter. PL showed off the Deathbed Smalls in a video, modelling the item as well as displaying its design and stats. You can see screenshots above.

It’s not the only thing enterprising Elden Ring hackers have discovered – many have speculated about PvP DLC after it was discovered that the game’s locked Colosseums are fully modeled inside.

Elden Ring has dominated the gaming sphere since it launched on February 25, topping sales charts in the United States and Europe and selling more than 12 million copies worldwide.

It’s proven somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, with crazy adverts, a streamer’s Twitch chat playing while he swept, someone using the Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Controller to beat a boss, and it’s even got its own candy.

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