Genshin Impact: Go With Aranaga To Look For The Yajna Grass Objective Guide

Genshin Impact has a huge open-world map with multiple islands on it. In its recent update, it got a new Sumeru island representing the Dendro element. With this new addition, new characters, new enemies, and new quests are introduced. In the Final World Quest of Sumeru known as the Agnihotra Sutra quest, an objective includes finding the Yajna grass in the game. Our guide features steps to complete the objective ‘Go With Aranaga To Look For The Yajna Grass’ in Genshin Impact.

Go With Aranaga To Look For The Yajna Grass Objective Guide in Genshin Impact

The third chapter of the Agnihotra Sutra World Quest can be found here. Moreover, Completing this quest gets you 400x Adventure Exp, 40,000x Mora, 50x Primogem, 4x Hero’s Wit, 4x Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Stories of You and Aranara. Although, here’s how you can complete this quest:

  1. Head over to the Mawtiyima Forest Teleporter Waypoint and glide down in the East direction.
  2. Interact with Aranara to begin the final world quest.
  3. As soon as the cutscene is over, you will be able to see a mysterious green-colored creature flying in front of you. Attack that creature to enable heavy winds.
  4. Use the wind to fly higher in the air and head over to the South direction.
  5. The Yajna grass is on top of one of the Giant Mushrooms. You’ll be able to locate it from up above in the air.
  6. Also, you can use the pathways around to make your way up there but it will cost you a lot of stamina.
  7. As soon as you find the Yajna Grass, you’ll have to unseal it using Kusava.
  8. You have to collect three Kusavas to unseal it. However, their location is marked on the map. Later, go back to the Yajna Grass for the game to progress.

Genshin Impact’s Go With Aranaga To Look For The Yajna Grass objective is easiest to complete this way. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guide on Varuna Gatha World Quest.