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Thursday, June 1, 2023

‘Genshin Impact’ release is delayed, players wonder as to why

Genshin Impact, one of our favorite games of 2020, has announced that its latest update 2.7 has been delayed. MiHoYo is based in Shanghai, where COVID-19 lockdowns have been mandated by the government. In past week, restrictions within the city have been so suffocatingly stringent that some people are having trouble accessing food.

In a tweet explaining the delay, miHoYo gave few details beyond promising to deliver more information about its content adjustment and compensation plans, which should appease even the most disgruntled players.

As Kotaku reports, this delay is a first for Genshin Impact, an expansive open-world RPG that has managed to meet its official release dates throughout the pandemic.

So, if you’re a fan, now might be a good time to start saving up for when the next update is released.

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