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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Gotham Knights Playtest Went Live On Steam, Then Quickly Removed

Gotham Knights is arguably the most anticipated video game of 2022. We don’t have a concrete release date for the upcoming superhero game, but details of an unannounced playtest were posted on Steam and then promptly removed.

Reddit user (SuspiciousTension19) posted details about the Steam playtest. This post was swiftly removed from the platform with the explanation that “automated bots think it may be spam.” The details of the app are also evident in the Steam DB as well.

PCGN found people playing the playtest before Steam unceremoniously pulled it. According to reports, the game’s playtest took up 82.5GB of space.

According to reports, there is a possibility that this was a closed beta, which was not intended to reach the public and was just for testing purposes. There are also rumors that this may be a leak for an upcoming beta for the game. So far, all we can do is keep our excitement to ourselves and take all assumptions with a grain of salt. Following this, we anticipate hearing more about the possible test in the near future.

An image of the game popped up online claiming that the game would be released next month. However, the image was unsourced and reportedly taken in an unspecified Irish video game store, so it may just be a placeholder. There has been no comment from WB Games Montreal. Given that such a major game won’t be released without any pre-release marketing, we expect the image to be only a placeholder.

We haven’t heard much about the game since WB Games Montreal delayed it to 2022 almost a year ago.

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