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Gta 5 Can Be Played Using A Remote Play On Android Devices, But How?

One of the best titles in the action-adventure gaming world has to be GTA 5. The massive open world that the game offers is covered with activities that players can enjoy.

Remote Play is a feature that allows PS3/PS4/PS5 owners to enjoy PlayStation games on their mobile devices. Players must own one of these consoles and connect them to their phone to get the game mirrored in the latter.

Many players opt for Remote Play while playing GTA 5, as it is not available on the mobile gaming platform. They need to have a good internet connection and a high-end Android device to be able to enjoy the game on Androids.

Use Remote Play to enjoy GTA 5 on Android phones.

Players can use PS Remote Play to enjoy GTA 5 on their Android devices (Image via PlayStation; YouTube)

Gamers can follow these steps to enjoy GTA 5 on their Androids:

  1. You must ensure that the PS3/PS4/PS5 has been designated as the Primary PlayStation in your Account Management settings.
  2. Players must then enable the Remote Play option. They can go to Settings, select Remote Play Connection Settings, and then click on Enable Remote Play.
  3. Remember to download the PS Remote Play application from the Google Play Store. Users can click here to do so.
  4. Logging into their PlayStation account and connecting is then required.

Note: If the Android device is not getting connected automatically, players can head over to the Remote Play Connection Settings option in Settings and add the device.

PC players can enjoy GTA 5 on their Androids using Steam Link:

  1. You need to first download the Steam Link application from here.
  2. Users should then pair their Android device with the Steam Link application.
  3. Then Must click on the ‘Start Playing’ button.
  4. Once the screen converts into the Big Picture Mode, it will get mirrored on their Android device.
  5. Gamers can head to their Steam library and select GTA 5.
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