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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Overwatch : Can’t Invite Friends In Overwatch 2 Fix

Playing Overwatch 2 with friends is the best way to enjoy this team-based online multiplayer game. But, many players trying to play the game with friends face issues while inviting their friends. There can be multiple reasons why this is happening – let’s examine all the causes and how to fix the error where you can’t invite friends in Overwatch 2.

Can’t Invite Friends in Overwatch 2 Fix

In case you are unable to invite friends due to the “different version” error, here are the troubleshooting tips for that. But if this isn’t the error you are facing, these are the potential reasons:

  • The servers are overloaded.
  • It’s a bug or a glitch.

Whenever the servers are overloaded, players will encounter various problems related to logging in, long queue timesfriends list not showing up, disconnection errors, and more. The hype for the game is massive which has translated into the major server issues for OW2, so all you can do during this time is to wait until the servers are more stable. You can try joining games during non-peak hours or changing your server region to see if you can get in.

If it’s a bug, the fix that has worked for many other players and me is simply restart the game. Close the Battle.net client on PC or the Game on your console and relaunch it. Open up the social tab and see if you are able to invite friends now.

And if this doesn’t work, check if it’s your internet connection. Also, make sure that you and your friends are on the game’s latest patch, and that’s because they provide hotfixes for bugs and glitches often.

These were the potential fixes for the error where players can’t invite friends in Overwatch 2. You can send a bug report to Blizzard from this page if you face more bugs during your gaming sessions.

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