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Pirate coins in Lost Ark: How to get them

How do you get Pirate coins in Lost Ark? The Lost Ark currency is one of the rarer currencies in the MMO game – and one of seven that are stored on a player’s account rather than a character or server. There are a few uses, mainly for the more nautical parts of the endgame.

Merchants around the islands usually accept Pirate coins instead of gold or silver, allowing you to save those currencies for the auction house. Additionally, you can use Lost Ark pirate coins to recruit crew for your ship, upgrade your ship, and purchase upgrade materials. Additionally, Pirate coins can be used to purchase the Giant’s Heart, a highly sought after item that awards skill points to improve your Lost Ark class.

You’ll need a lot of Pirate coins if you wish to purchase the Giant’s Heart, which is 33,000 coins. For the Lullaby Island quest, you also need 16,500 Pirate coins to purchase Song of Resonance. We’re here to give you a hand with this guide on where to find pirate coins in Lost Ark.

There are a few other similar coins, collectively referred to as ‘Sea coins’, which are available from many of the same sources. However, pirate coins have their own unique name.


There are several ways to earn Pirate coins:


The Adventure Island daily event – one of four daily events that you can access via your Procyon’s Eye Compass – often rewards you with Pirate coins.


There are also limited-time events that reward Pirate coins, specifically those involving defeating a Ghost ship. They can be accessed through the Voyage tab.


In addition to Pirate coins (and Lost Ark gold, for that matter), Una’s tasks are a good source of lost Ark gold. There are eight specific tasks that reward you with coins, with varying rewards depending on how well you complete them:

  • A Hard Day at Work
  • Ride Like the Wind
  • Defensive Warfare
  • Pest Control
  • Crook Catcher
  • For the Fermata’s Maintenance
  • Bleak Night Fog
  • She Drifts, Sea Gifts

This is probably the most lucrative source – the top tier of Defensive Warfare can net you 36,000 Pirate coins.


You can exchange Sea coins for Pirate coins at several exchange merchants as we mentioned above. These merchants are located aboard Tea and Libra Guild vessels at each region’s port.

That’s all we know about how to get Pirate coins in Lost Ark. The chance of pulling bundles of coins via fishing is also low, but we wouldn’t recommend this as a regular farming technique. For more tips on quickly leveling up in Lost Ark, check out our guide to the Power Pass for Lost Ark.

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