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Rumbleverse: How To Revive Self & Friends

Aside from hand-to-hand fighting, Rumbleverse does not allow players to use firearms or any other weapons. There are 3 main Modes in Rumbleverse, Solo, Duos, and Playground. The Solo mode pits 40 players against one another in Grapital with the goal of being the last one standing. A total of 20 two-player teams compete to become champions in Duos. It is just as crucial to revive your friend in Solo mode as it is to revive yourself in Duos mode. This week, let’s look at how to revive yourself and your friends in Rumbleverse.

How to Revive Self & Friends in Rumbleverse
Rumbleverse allows you to revive yourself and your friends in both Solo and Duo modes. Instead of being instantly killed in Solo mode, in Duos mode, you can press the “Interact” button on your controller or keyboard to revive fallen teammates after they have been downed for 30 seconds. A teammate will have lesser time to “revive” a player the more times they are “downed”. The stat slots start out paired to eight, and the health slots start fewer than solo. If your teammate is eliminated, then you will earn more health and stat slots. Your friend’s health will also be restored twice as fast if they are in Superstar Mode. The “Comeback” option in Duos mode is not available in Superstar Mode. As we mentioned, you will have a brief chance to rescue their colleagues and help your team become champions.

You can Self Revive in Rumbleverse by using Superstar Mode when playing solo. When a player’s Super Meter is full, they can enter Superstar Mode, which is a player state. Superstar Mode regenerates stamina and health. You will also be able to perform super attacks and get a boost in strength and speed. The “Comeback” function, however, is going to be your buddy here. When your super meter is full, and you run out of health points, “Comeback” will activate. Activating this effect will give you 30% of your maximum health, effectively self-reviving. Note, however, that this depletes your Super Meter.

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