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Territorial IO: How To Expand Territory

Territorial IO is an online multiplayer game wherein you must expand and conquer territories. It is possible to play this game with over 500 players simultaneously on the same map. There are two ways available in this game: Single Player and Multiplayer, wherein you play as a nation whose only aim is to occupy every region of the map. 

In this online game, your victory is determined by a variety of factors. Here are some Strategies and Tips for Expanding Territory that can help you claim victory in Territorial IO.

Territorial IO Guide for Expanding Territory, Strategies and Tips

To conquer other nations, you need enough resources, such as income and workers. You can improve your game by using these points:

  • Master gameplay in Single Player mode to have a rough idea about the mechanism.
  • Notice in which map you are dominating easily.
  • Spawn on empty spaces where no other players are close to you.
  • Also, in the beginning, send lesser troops to attack other Nations. Once you are easily noticeable on the map, attack smaller Nations nearby.
  • After conquering the smaller Nations, your territory has grown a lot stronger, and this marks the best time to attack the medium-sized Nations.
  • If you are getting attacked, increase the number of soldiers from the Bar below and strike back at them.
  • When playing in Multiplayer mode, make sure to keep a check on real players first and not the bots.
  • You can also conquer a distant island to prevent the complete extinction of your Nation. In addition, this will give you one more chance to hit back.

These are some strategies and tips for expanding Territory in Territorial IO. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other Gaming guides on IMP.

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