Tower of Fantasy Shop Guide: Types Of Store

Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG set in the open world of Aida. From the comet Mara, mankind built the Omnium Tower in search of powerful energy called Omnium. The consequences of this action, however, have been severe. You can collect numerous items and resources in Aida by exploring the open world. Since these are vital for progress and on many occasions, even your survival, they cannot be ignored. Like most MMORPG, TOF has shops from which you can purchase these items if you do not wish to explore to get them. However, there are multiple types of shops and stores. This shop guide will explain all types of stores in Tower of Fantasy.

Types of Stores in Tower of Fantasy Shop

Since the Currency System in TOF is a little different, the stores follow suit on this one. There are multiple types of Shops in the game, and each contains different types of items that you can purchase. Additionally, the purchasing currency of each will be more or less different. Here are all the Shop types in Tower of Fantasy.

Main Shop

The main shop in TOF consists of five stores within. These stores contain multiple supplies that will certainly be useful to progress further in the game. Here are the store types in the Main Shop:

  • Wanderer’s Supplies – This store sells Monthly Passes, Regular Passes, Rookie Supplies, and Adventure Packs. Since these tend to change, keep an eye out for reasonable offers. However, the items in this store are purchased with real money.
  • Daily Supply Box – This store supplies you with Hykros Supply Box, Banges Supply Box, and Black Market Supply Box. The currency type of this store is Tanium.
  • HOT – The items in this store keep changing from time to time and are usually common items you might need in the game. The store currency is Dark Crystals.
  • Purchase Reward – This is the store that you can use to purchase Tanium in Tower of Fantasy. The cost of each pack of Tanium differs and they are purchased with real money.
  • Limited Gift Pack – Limited Gift Pack can be anything from a Gift Pack to a Red Nucleus Pack. As the name suggests, the packs are for a limited time only and can be purchased with Tanium.

Weapon Store

Weapon Store is one of the most important Shop in Tower of Fantasy. Every weapon and weapons upgrade items that you can get are available in this store. With time and progress in your levels, more and more items will be available. To purchase these weapons you will need Black Gold.

Crew Store

This store depends on Crew points or Merit points. Without which, you cannot purchase the items. The items in the Crew Store will upgrade once your crew level increases. So make sure to join a crew and claim these perks.

Points Store

This shop in Tower of Fantasy is made with a unique game mechanism. You need to collect Training Points through participation in types of Adventures, Challenges, and Training. Once you have enough Training Points, you can use them to purchase the items available in the store.

Amusement Park Store

While this is not exactly a Shop, you can still redeem rewards in Tower of Fantasy. However, to redeem these rewards, you must fulfill the Amusement Park tasks, and after which you can redeem them only while on Cetus Island.

Support Store

At the time of writing, there are nine items in the Support Store. You can use Support Points to purchase them. Each item’s limit and quantity are different; you can check them when you head over to purchase them.

Crystal Dust Store

This is a weekly store and the items in this shop of Tower of Fantasy refreshes on Mondays. Once you are level 20 in the game, Energy Crystal Dust will help you purchase Relic Shards. There are usually 2 SSR Relics and 3 SR Relics on display.

Matrix Store

While in the Matrix Store, one can either purchase Matrices or Matrix Data Packs. These are useful to upgrade the Matrices for a player’s weapon, and you can use Base Chips to purchase the items in the Matrix Store.

That’s all you need from this Shop guide on the types of Stores in Tower of Fantasy. While you are here, make sure you check out our Tower of Fantasy guides for more such content with IMP.