5 Amazing Benefits of Milk

The consumption of milk dates back to over 7000 years. In olden times, milk was considered a luxury and was only for the royalty. Today it is advised to drink at least a glass of milk every day, from toddlers to adults to old people. Milk is a vital source of vitamin D and calcium.

Nutritional Value of Milk:
Milk has various nutrients that offer tremendous benefits to the body. It has a mere 1g of fat in every 100 grams of milk. You don’t have to worry about having too much when it comes to milk. It also has good amounts of fiber and sugar in it.

Some important salts like potassium and sodium are also found in milk. Essential nutrients that are present in milk are calcium, vitamin B12, and calcium. Calcium is an important ingredient for stronger bones and teeth. There is a small amount of magnesium in milk that helps the organs to function optimally at the cellular level.

5 Amazing Benefits of Milk That You Never Knew Even When You Drink It Every Day

1. Strong Bones:
Eating unhealthy foods, being inactive and bad postures are all factors that can lead to developing symptoms associated with bone density loss. It contains 113 mg for a glass of full cream milk. This is a good amount to protect you from bone damage and deterioration. It is often considered a rich source of calcium.

2. Source of Vitamins and Minerals:
Milk is a superfood that contains all the important vitamins and minerals that we need. It has high amounts of vitamin B12, which is essential for brain and DNA health. Moreover, it is also a rich source of Riboflavin, which helps the body stay energetic. It also has phosphorus, which is extremely beneficial for repairing tissues and cells.

3. Relaxer:
Milk also helps calm the nerves and soothes the mind as it contains potassium and magnesium, which act as vasodilators. It also relieves symptoms of cramps. A glass of warm milk helps calm the body and sore muscles. It also helps you fall asleep faster.

4. Protein Rich:
A 100 gram serving of full-fat milk has 3.2 g of protein. Our body needs protein regularly as it helps the body do everything. It is the macronutrients in it that help the body produce enzymes, build muscles, build cartilage and develop skin tissues. It also helps make hormones in the body.

5. Promote Healthy Skin:
Milk can help moisturize your skin, nourishing it effectively. Adding it to any face mask will help you reap its benefits to the fullest. Ancient Egyptian royalty used to bath in milk to maintain their smooth and glowing skin. Drinking up to 2 glasses of milk each day will be like a good drink for your skin, and it will appear supple and youthful.

As per the above discussion, it is clear that milk plays a very important role in our health and it also helps many to generate income out of it, by this, provides social security. Let us start each and every day of our lives with the nourishment of milk and stay healthy and happy.