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Top 10 Stretching Exercises for Increasing Height Effectively and Quickly

Height plays a key role in enhancing an individual’s persona, whether it be for marriage or air hostess vacancies. Despite the fact that any height is fine – short, medium, or tall – and there is no right or wrong height, many of us are not happy with our physical appearance, weight, or even height! The truth is there are a variety of solutions available all around, although some may be more convenient than others.

Genetics determine a person’s height, but even physical factors like exercise and diet play a role in how tall someone can grow! Toning and strengthening muscles that increase height is part of a good fitness program.

Most growth plates in the long bones fuse after puberty, but for some people, growth continues until the age of 22-25. You can still add a few inches to your height even after you have reached adulthood by following these stretches!

Forward Bend

Let’s begin with one of the most common and well-known stretching exercises to increase height. Hold the hands straight up, then bring them slowly down until they touch the toes without bending the knees. To achieve faster results, stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat ten times a day. This stimulates the back and calf muscles and improves the functionality of the liver and kidneys, making it great for kids!

Tip: Older adults shouldn’t do this exercise because it compresses the vertebrae’s anterior religion, which may make you shorter!

Bar Hanging

Although the results are not instantly evident, bar hanging is considered to be one of the most effective height-increasing exercises because it stretches the lower torso and decreases the pull on the vertebrates. All you need is a solid, strong bar fixed seven feet above the ground. Stand straight with your hands straight up, lift your body, communicate well with all upper body muscles and stay in this position for 20 seconds, repeat three-four times a day.

Tip: If you have become a pro at the basic level, you can bring in a variation: wrap your legs around the bar, with the body turning upside down.

Cobra Stretch

A common yoga asana (Bhujangasana), this exercise is beneficial for the growth of the cartilage between your vertebrae. Get down flat on your stomach with your legs stretched out. Next, take a deep breath, lift your chest and abdomen, and place all the body weight on the palms. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then slowly release the breath. Do this four to five times a day. The cobra stretch has other benefits too, like ensuring better nutrient absorption by increasing blood and oxygen circulation in the body.

Tip: This stretch should be avoided if someone has any kind of injury in the fist, or done only for five seconds in case of acute pain.

Wall Stretch

The stretch is harder than it appears. Put your hands flat against a wall and face it. Place your right leg forward, heel flat and knees slightly bending. Next, stretch your left legs backwards as much as possible, and lean towards the wall. Each repetition here should be done for 15 to 30 seconds.

Tip: While doing this stretch, you will see better results if your leg is on your tiptoes because then the calf muscles are involved.

Dry Land Swimming

With the ongoing pandemic and lockdown restrictions not lifted, one thing is for sure: everyone misses swimming in the pool! We have a beneficial replacement, dry land swimming. Often termed ‘alternate kick’, this exercise aims at the alternate movement of the lang-hand pair like the freestyle stroke. Each set should be for around 20 seconds. This stretch focuses on stretching lower back and thigh muscles simultaneously, boosting the growth cells!

Tip: To improve the results, add wrist and ankle weights.

Pelvic Lift

The pelvic shift helps in strengthening your back body cells. Start by lying down in a straight position. Next, bend your knees, put pressure on your foot and gently raise your hips. Keep your back straight. Breathe in slowly and bring back your lower back at the base. Hold onto this position for 20 seconds then repeat it again and again. Pelvic shift helps you to get a round booty while increasing your height. It also helps in staying away from the negative effects of sitting. Worth adding this stretch to your exercise list.

Tip: While practising this stretch, ensure you use a yoga mat because it has an anti-slipping nature.

Forward Spine Stretch

We were forced to do one of the exercises as children in physical education classes! This is a simple yet effective exercise for proper articulation of the spine. Begin by sitting up straight with your feet spread out. Extend your legs about shoulder-width apart. Inhale deeply, bending your spine forward with hands joined and stretched along with the spine. Try touching your toe tips, or else, just keep your spine flexed to the maximum extent. Do in three to four sets and hold each stretch for 10-15 seconds.

Tip: It is best to do this stretch early in the morning with an empty stomach.

Pilates Roll Over

Pilates, generally, is a great method to stretch your spine out. This stretch will provide length to your upper body and extend the vertebrae in your neck. Start by laying your arms on your sides, palms facing down! Then take your legs and stretch them up and then behind until they reach the floor. This may be a difficult exercise and it may feel like all your bones are breaking but remember: No pain, no gain.

Tip: In case, you do not have resistance bands, you can do it without them, under the guidance of a professional.

Low Lunge Arch

Toning the upper body is robust and requires some hard work and arching it is an effective technique! Kneel, place your right foot forward and bend the knee. Put your left leg backwards with your knee touching the ground. Put your hand up, joining the palms together in a namaskar position. Stay as long as you can and then repeat the same with a left knee forward. Toning your calf and back muscles, this stretch also gives you thinner arms.

Tip: This exercise will also work for lengthening your shoulders and leg bones, so add it to your fitness regime today!

Side Stretch

Side stretch will elongate the muscles, increasing height by strengthening the intercostal muscles. Stand straight with your feet together. Clasp your hands on both sides on your love handles then bend your upper body slowly to the right and left. Hold each stretch for 10 seconds and get back to the starting position. Repeat the stretch two times and do it in sets of 10.

Tip: While doing a side stretch, make sure you feel the muscles pull all along your side from your lower back and up to your shoulder to succeed in boosting height growth.


  1. Apart from stretching, what foods should I eat to increase height for a wholesome benefit?

A. Food for increasing height should be loaded with nutritional values. Eat meals high in proteins. Add in extra green leafy vegetables that provide essential vitamins like Vitamin D to your body. Other sources can be found in fish, eggs, alfalfa, and mushrooms, milk and yoghurt. Completely cut out on consumption of alcohol, steroids, tobacco and any kind of harmful drugs.

  1. Are there any sports recommended for increasing height?

A. While any kind of exercise is recommended for increasing height, some sports boost the growth of cells. These are:

  • Swimming: This leads to an overall stretching of all the muscles. Breaststroke is the most recommended, suitable for increasing height.
  • Basketball: Because of the continuous jumping on the basketball field, pituitary glands allow the release of more growth hormones.
  • Jogging: If you are desperate about long legs, jogging is your solution because it strengthens leg bones naturally.
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