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No more missed payments with Paytm’s best-in-class reminders

The interconnections of the world economy have never felt as tangible as they do now. Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has rippled out to the world economy in the form of inflation, and India isn’t immune. The thought that we are all in the same boat is of little comfort when we see how not-so-disposable our disposable income is today. It isn’t just about tightening our belts;  austerity measures have their limits when everything from food to fuel costs more.

Inflation of this nature means that many of us are living from salary to salary. Diminishing bank balances are stressful, and one of the factors that compounds this stress is when payment due dates are scattered across the month. Each time we miss a payment, we incur defaults, late fees, interest… all of which chip away at our ever shrinking bank balances. What makes matters worse is that payment reminders are often sent via SMS and are often lost within the sea of promotional SMS most of us receive.

Possibly the most embarrassing of these misses is that of the mobile phone recharge. Not only does this hurt you financially, but invariably, the phone company cuts off outgoing calls and internet just when you don’t have access to another phone or a Wi-fi connection, and need to make an urgent/important phone call!

Thankfully, for Paytm users at least, this scenario is completely avoidable through Paytm’s best-in-class reminders. When you recharge your mobile plan using Paytm, you have the option to set reminders as you see fit. A good reminder system, particularly one that grabs your attention when it needs to and doesn’t spam you otherwise, is critical to staying on top of your payments.

Paytm’s best-in-class reminders are designed with this in mind. The system uses both SMS and push notifications, doubling the chances of you noticing it. The reminders also show up in the Reco widget, which, as a Paytm user, you probably have set up on your phone. It also places reminders prominently on the Paytm homepage – both in the app and on the webpage. This way, each time you login to Paytm, your reminders are the first thing you see!

It is thoughtful, easy to use features like these that have fueled Paytm’s popularity. As of this writing, Paytm is used by millions of users in India. In February 2022, Paytm reported average monthly transacting users at 69.5 million. The company states that they are on a mission to bring half a billion Indians into the mainstream economy through payments, commerce, banking, investments, and financial services. Paytm envisions reaching this future by making its services as intuitive and as easy to use as possible. Mobile recharges, for instance, are a simple 4- step process:

  1. Enter your prepaid mobile number
  2. Select your mobile operator and circle if Paytm can’t detect automatically
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Proceed with the payment through Credit/ Debit Card, Net Banking or Paytm Wallet.

There are several other advantages to using Paytm to recharge your mobile plan. For starters, Paytm lets you browse the latest recharge plans and save money through scratch cards and cashback offers. There are several daily and occasional promo codes that can fetch you upto 100% cashback. All transactions are instant, and secure. Millions of Paytm users are taking advantage of the reminder facility to better manage their bill payments and save on defaults, late fees and interest. They’re also benefiting from cashbacks, promos, and offers that help them save further. At a time when inflation is squeezing our monthly budgets, every rupee saved counts. Particularly, if such savings involve less effort and more convenience!

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