ICON’s “House Zero” Will be 3D-Printed with This Next-Generation Vulcan Printer


Texas-based ICON has just unveiled their next project, referred to as “House Zero”. It’s touted as the most incredible 3D-printed home yet since it was optimized and designed particularly to be created with their next-generation Vulcan printer. Spanning 2,000-square-feet, it features three-bedrooms, three-bathrooms and an extra one-bedroom, one-bathroom accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

The 3D-printed home combines the aesthetics of a mid-century ranch-style domestic with the organic probabilities of additive construction. As for the new Vulcan 3D Printer, it weighs in at a hefty 9,500-pounds, is 1.5-times larger and twice as speedy as its predecessor. It works by extruding proprietary cement in more than one layers from a robotic nozzle, and as soon as the structure is complete, a construction team comes in to complete the windows, doors, plumbing, etc.

If people fall in love with what we’re doing here, it turns out the Vulcan is the only construction system in the world capable of delivering this home and others like it. We are hopeful this catalyzes widespread enthusiasm and excitement for the future of construction and architecture. We’re getting ready to stand up manufacturing in our new facilities and begin larger scale projects in anticipation of such a response,” said Jason Ballard, co-founder and CEO, ICON.