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Monday, October 2, 2023

Srinagar’s Dal Lake Gets First Boat Ambulance With Stretcher, Wheelchair & First Aid

A houseboat owner in Srinagar, named Tariq Ahmad Patloo has launched a floating ambulance service in Kashmir to assist COVID-19 patients. This is the first boat ambulance service in Kashmir and comes with healthcare facilities, first aid, stretcher, wheelchair, BP set, PPE kits and also a siren. The ambulance is equipped with a speaker as well to make announcements for making people aware of wearing masks and other precautionary practises. Reportedly, the ambulance will also have oxygen facility.

The Ambulance Has Stretcher, Wheelchair, BP Set And PPE Kits
The first boat ambulance service has been launched in Kashmir by the houseboat owner Tariq Ahmad Patloo. According to an Indian Express report, speaking to ANI, Patloo said, “Considering the situation at hospitals and homes due to rising cases, I have set up this facility for people. I got a number of phone calls for assistance and I provided them proper help as per their requirement. Presently the ambulance is full with main equipment including first aid, stretcher, wheelchair, BP set, and PPE kits.” Patloo came up with the idea of this floating ambulance when he had tested positive for COVID-19 a year ago. Delhi Launches Auto Ambulances Fitted With Oxygen Cylinders,

The Boat Will Have Oxygen Facility Too
The increase in the number of incoming tourists in Kashmir during the spring season and the opening up of popular tourist spots like Srinagar’s Tulip Garden led to a surge in cases in the valley. Patloo said that when he was diagnosed with COVID, nobody was ready to receive him from his houseboat.

He expects that the boat ambulance might improve the situation a bit. Patloo added, “I tried my best to make this ambulance friendly for people and within two to three days oxygen facility will also be available.”

Meanwhile, here’s a throwback to the mesmerising pre-covid days in the beautiful Srinagar:

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