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Monday, December 4, 2023

Have You Tried Disney+ Yet? Here’s How You Can Get Up To Six Months Of Free

Disney+ is the best streaming deal out there if you’re into Disney (or Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, or any of the other properties Disney owns): it costs just eight dollars per month for its base subscription. For new subscribers, Amazon is running a great promo — pay for one month of Amazon Music Unlimited and you’ll get six months of Disney+ free.

It’s just a little complicated. For those eligible, you must not currently or have ever subscribed to Disney+. You may apply if you have never subscribed to Disney+. Secondly, the price you’ll pay for that single month of Amazon Music Unlimited depends on whether you’re a Prime member. If you are, it’ll run you $8. Otherwise, it’s $10.

If you have previously subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited, the length of your Disney+ free trial will vary. Congratulations if you haven’t already received the whole six months! However, if you subscribe now or have in the past, you only get three months.

Depending on your situation, you save between $14 and $48. If you aren’t planning to use Amazon Music Unlimited in the future, cancel your subscription before the end of the first month.

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