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Spruce Up Your Dining Space With The Perfect Lighting And Trendy Furniture

“At home” isn’t just space. It’s a feeling. Over the last year, our homes have taken center stage in our daily activities. From a conference space to a kid’s playground, our residences have catered to all our needs. As the monsoon approaches, we want to have a few fun experiences within our houses until it’s safe to step out! If there is one place in our home which plays a vital role in building new ventures, it is the dining area.

It is the ideal gathering place for a family — it’s where you talk, eat, and do some Gupshup! The evening after a long workday is a time to gather for dinner and discuss what happened throughout the day, whether we spent time in the same room or a different one. So, creating a cozy and comfortable dining experience adds the much-needed stress buster. If you want to make sure you and your loved ones have a relaxing and intimate dining experience, try these effortless, practical, and cool tips from Erik Jan Middlehoven, Home Furnishing & Retail Design Manager, IKEA India.

All Spaces Deserve The Right Furniture

Dining furniture is one of the real workhorses in your home, and you should invest in stackable, foldable, and movable furniture if you live in a small space. A few flexible pieces, such as an extendable table or stackable chairs, allow you to add more room whenever you need it. For example, stack your foldable chairs behind a cabinet so that you can use them only for dining. Other times, space can be utilized for recreational activities. Another hack would be to pile up footstools in a corner and remove them during special gatherings at home.

If you live in a small space, you may want to think about using a round or oval table as they can accommodate more people than square tables. Dining at the round table is a choice, and moving trolleys can be purchased if you require more space. The moveable trolley can be used to store the cutlery, glasses, or just simple garnishing for food, making more space for everybody.

Don’t Forget The Balanced Beam.

Lighting can have a profound effect on mood. An ideal lighting balance is one that is both functional and mood-enhancing. In order to select the right lights, it is essential to consider the size of the table. The rectangular table can easily accommodate two or three people on each side, so you can place three lamps on the top, which should not be far apart, or one straight lamp with multiple bulbs incorporated into it so that the light falls on the entire table.

In order to get it right, we advise you to avoid cross lighting, as this will cast a shadow on the table, creating a very dull ambiance. You will need one light point in the center of a round table. A chandelier, a dome, or multiple beams from one source of light can be used. There is no way to go wrong with lighting around round tables once the light is placed in the center.

Make It Personal, Make It Quirky

I would like to discuss creating a comfortable yet cool dining room for the main area. Whether you have a side wall or a space in your dining area, you can either set up a bar with a glass cabinet with integrated lighting, the tone of which can be warmer or brighter depending on how you feel. A bar table next to your dining table can make your dining space more meaningful. Adding it to the environment can make it more welcoming and interactive. Whether it’s the weekend or a special event like a birthday or anniversary, you can get even better service at your bar table. It enhances your spirits collection and the varied kinds of cocktail glasses with the right amount of dim light.

If you do not have space for a bar table or bar cabinet, you can store alcohol in a moving trolley, and that can be your mobile bar for your everyday celebrations. A side table with a small lamp is another option for adding a little light to your dining corner.

A quirky way to brighten up your dining area, especially during summer, is to paint one wall an ice-cream shade, while the rest of the room is neutral in color to maintain a balance. Alternatively, if painting a wall sounds too ambitious for you, you could create a canvas painting filled with bright colors with your family members, frame it, and hang it in a corner. As a result, your family members will not only be able to enjoy a more personal, intimate experience but it will also be a statement piece that can be changed from season to season.

And Now The Golden Rules!
Your dining area checklist might look like this by now, but don’t forget that each diner needs to have ample space at the dining table. If you have spacious and breathable chairs, especially in summer, you might find it more enjoyable. Smart LED bulbs will not only save you money and energy, they’ll also create less heat in the dining area.

Make sure that you also add a touch of nature to your dining room by adding a large indoor plant in the corner and accessorizing your dining table – whether rectangular or oval – with large trays, antique vases with flowers, fruit bowls, and candle holders. The tips offered above will make dining or celebrating in your dining room an activity that you will enjoy every day.

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