This Drone Will Deliver Your Package In These 4 Indian Cities

You Will Need An OTP To Open It!


Hyper-fast delivery in India is at a very critical point, and technology is revolutionizing it in a way that has never been seen before. A lot of players in this space are trying to deliver within 10 minutes, such as Dunzo, Grofers (now BlinkIt). Since Delivery Associates are no longer employed, you may find flying drones delivering your orders in the future.

Zypp Electric plans to employ 200 drones across five cities.

Zypp Electric, which specializes in the last-mile delivery segment, announced that it is getting into drone logistics. The company has partnered with TSAW Drones for this project. Initially, the company plans to deploy 200 drones across four cities.

These services will be offered inThese services will be offered in all the cities where Zypp Electric operates, such as Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune. To ensure the safety of the items during delivery, all drones deployed will be equipped with smart lockers which can only be opened through an OTP provided by the customer.

In areas with hilly terrains where deliveries through roads are difficult, the company currently owns a fleet of electric scooters to move medical, food, and grocery supplies. As an extension of the company’s fleet, the drones will be used for the same purposes.

TSAW Drones is a start-up that aims to introduce drones in logistics. In addition to a ground control station (GCS), unmanned air traffic management (UTM), and AI-assisted smart fleet health management for drones.

Drones will enhance the efficiency of last-mile deliveries significantly.

Currently, long-distance, last-mile deliveries aren’t very efficient. Traffic congestion and high reliance on human drivers could slow their progress. In spite of these inefficiencies, the use of drones for automated deliveries could reduce the time and cost of last-mile delivery.

The co-founder and CEO at Zypp Electric, Akash Gupta, commented, “The best part is that drones fly EV vehicles and they will extend our ground fleet of e-scooters to deliver medical, food, grocery parcels in long distances in 1/10th the time and in hilly terrains where road deliveries are more difficult.”

Zypp Electric selected TSAW Drones as part of its Evolve Innovation Program with Venture Catalysts, an early-stage incubator. The program aims to support EV start-ups that are working to improve last-mile logistics and the EV sector.

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