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Saturday, December 9, 2023

NASA Hubble Releases A Gorgeous Image Of Two Interacting Galaxies In NGC 6745!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released an image of a “bird’s eye view” of two galaxy interactions in NGC 6745. The impression has been shared on NASA Hubble’s official Instagram account and has gathered over 70,000 likes 100 comments.

The caption for the image reads, “The aftermath of an intergalactic collision 💥
This #HubbleClassic features a “bird’s eye view” of two interacting galaxies in NGC 6745. Gas and dust clouds collide, triggering star formation under high velocities and pressure. NGC 6745 is located around 200 million light-years away and is spread about 80,000 light-years across.

Resembling the shape of a bird’s head, this cosmic display showcases the aftermath of a damaging collision between two galaxies, with hot, blue stars indicating stellar formation”.

Check out this amazing Instagram Post:

NASA Hubble is often sharing new images of our galaxy on Instagram. Keep an eye on Hubble’s Instagram page if you’re a space nerd. Also recently, Space shared a stunning image of NGC 5189! NASA’s official Hubble Space Telescope Instagram page has shared it, where it has received over 90,000 views and over 100 comments. The video has garnered reactions such as “this is amazing,” “wow,” and “so beautiful.”.

This #HubbleFriday image shows a star cluster known by many names: Dun 538, H 3688, and Pismis 25. Globular clusters, which are spheres of stars bound together by gravity, include NGC 6380. Often, the stars in globular clusters are among the oldest in their galaxies!

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