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Two Meteor’s Showers Will Take Place On May 5th And May 30th, Here’s What You Need To Know

A couple of potentially active meteor showers open and close May, making it an ideal time for skywatchers and space geeks to witness some of the most beautiful light displays in the skies.


The eta Aquariid meteor shower, generated by the yearly encounter with debris from Halley’s comet, will be noticeable on May 5-6. It takes its name from the brightest star in the cluster, ‘eta Aquarii’

As per NASA, the yearly meteor shower seems to be the most active in the Southern Hemisphere, but if weather conditions are perfect, those in the Northern Hemisphere can still see up to 30 meteors per 60 minutes. To get the best view, get up early, roughly 3:00 a.m. CDT.

The next meteor shower is the Tau Herculid, which is expected to climax on May 30-May 31. The potential newcomer will be viewable in the sky at night which is expected to be on the dark of May 30 and morning hours of May 31.

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