Swimming Coach’s Wild Response To Olympic Win Is An Instant-Classic Meme

Ariarne Titmus, 20-year-old Australian swimmer is making her mark at her first-ever Olympics on Monday, edging out American champ Katie Ledecky to take gold in the women’s 400-meter freestyle competition.

Known as “Arnie,” Titmus ran a personal best in the race, clocking in at 3:56.69, ahead of Ledecky’s 3:57.36. With the final lap being a genuinely exciting neck-and-neck push to the finish line, Ledecky put up a good fight.

But Titmus’ remarkable win also gave viewers — and the internet — another unforgettable moment, the visual of her coach, Dean Boxall, going absolutely hog wild with GIFable joy up in the stands.


Absolutely hooting and hollering.

NBC’s commentators noted a resemblance to Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown.

This flash of joy and vindication is an apparent instant classic reaction that will live on the internet for years to come. It distills the spirit of so many iconic sports GIFs: Vince McMahon slumping back in his chair (yes, WWE counts, don’t @ me), Rob Ryan fist-pumping, the Buckle Up Baby hockey kid. All of them are in one. Boxall is clearly ready to tear down the stadium with his bare hands, fueled only by adrenaline and pride.

While we cannot recommend ripping your mask off to scream very much outside your heart in the heart of a pandemic, violently air-humping barriers, or terrifying inadequate facilities staffers who were undoubtedly not informed about how Australian men react to victory at sport, we can all recognize and relate to a moment of long-fought-for triumph.

Thank you to the camera operators who caught this moment and recorded it for posterity. And here’s hoping Boxall shouts that poor usher a drink once he’s out of Ultimate Warrior mode.