1TB Data For Under Rs 250! JioFiber Offering ‘Data Sachets’ For Broadband Users

JioFiber, one of India’s leading broadband service providers, offers 1TB or 1,000GB of data for under Rs 250. JioFiber is the Broadband Internet arm of Reliance Jio, which is currently the country’s largest telecom company.

Specifications of the plan

1TB Data Plan costs Rs 234.82 (including taxes) for 7 days. The service offers speeds of 100 Mbps, but when fair-use-policy (FUP) data is consumed, the speed is reduced to 1 Mbps. with Free voice calls. This is a ‘Data Sachet’ that can be purchased after consuming the FUP data offered by their base plan.

Its Potential Beneficiaries

The average internet customer might not need the plan since JioFiber already offers 3.3TB of data with almost every plan.

However, it might be useful if one runs out of FUP data and needs an additional amount of data for a limited period.

If you already have Jio Brodband Internet access, you can sign up for a ‘Data Sachet’.

There’s still a long way to go for BSNL and Airtel

The rivals Airtel and BSNL don’t have comparable plans as of yet.

So, for users of the two telcos who have exceeded their monthly data limit, there is little option to purchase additional data.

They also don’t benefit from data rollover, because any unused data within 1TB expires at the end of the plan.

Plans for the JioFiber trial

Two different trial plans are offered by JioFiber for those who wish to try it out. The first plan costs Rs 1,500, while the second costs Rs 2,500.

It offers 150 Mbps speed on both. The main difference is that the former does not bundle OTT services.