5Gi or 5G; It is still unclear whether India will have?

The 3GPP standards should power 5G networks in India and the rest of the world to allow globalization and standardization of other technologies and products revolving around 5G.


There is still a lack of clarity in India regarding next-generation connectivity networks. Around the world, countries and governments are adopting the 5G standards developed by the 3GPP. India, however, has different plans. In order to become self-reliant, TSDSI set its own 5G standard, called 5Gi. Many believe that 5Gi is the way to go. However, many believe that the 5G standards from 3GPP are the most accurate way of looking at the future. The longer this debate goes on, the longer it will take the operators to roll out 5G.

India’s telecom operators have already begun testing 5G networks in different parts of the country. However, none of the operators has commented about the standard they are using to conduct the trials. As the government can announce the official standard whenever it wants, the operators cannot officially announce the standard they are testing with.

5G By 3GPP Is The Better Way to Go

India and the rest of the world should implement 5G networks based on the 3GPP standards to enable globalization and standardization of other technologies and products related to 5G. If India goes ahead with the 5Gi, it will increase the cost of smartphone production for the manufacturers.

India’s telecom sector has warned against moving ahead with the 5Gi standard. In the case of the 5Gi, India would become an isolated nation. In international roaming, smartphones built for India’s 5G networks won’t even connect to other 5G networks.

The benefits of 5Gi are far less than those of 4G. The government will most likely listen to the industry and make the 3GPP 5G standards the norm in India.


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