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Apple iOS 16 Likely To Bring Support For Apple Pay On Third-Party Web Browsers

Apple Pay is coming to third-party web browsers and European Union seems to play a vital role in the change of heart.

In iOS 16, Cupertino tech giant Apple is extending its support for Apple Pay to third-party web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. It seems that the long wait is going to be over soon, the tech giant is bringing support for the web browsers. The news was confirmed by Steve Moser, a MacRumors contributor, who shared the information on his official Twitter handle. Let’s have a look at the latest news.

Apple Pay Support For Third-Part Web Browsers

Earlier this week, Steve Moser tweeted that Apple Pay is working with Edge and Chrome in the iOS 16 beta update, which means that the company could expand its support. He also shared a screenshot that shows a payment process on Microsoft Edge with the ‘Continue with Apple Pay’ option. So far the Apple Pay payment method was only limited to the Safari web browser but seems that the company is making changes with the upcoming update.

“On the latest iOS 16 beta Apple Pay works in Edge, Chrome and I assume any third party browser. On iOS 15 Apple Pay only works in Safari,” reads Steve Moser’s tweet along with the screenshot.

Furthermore, Moser in the same tweet thread claims, “This doesn’t work in Edge or Chrome on that latest macOS beta because I assume it requires the third party render engines to be updated whereas Edge and Chrome on iOS use Safari’s render engine.”

Do note that Moser didn’t say anything about Firefox in the tweet, but a Reddit user has already shared a post on the platform suggesting that the iOS 16 beta 2 supports Apple Pay on Mozilla Firefox.

Considering this we can safely expect that Apple Pay is coming to third-party web browsers and European Union seems to play a vital role in the change of heart. The organization was planing to penalise big tech companies for anti-competitive practices.

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