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Beware! A Bug In IOS 15 Is Deleting Saved Photos In The Messages App.

If you updated your iPhone’s software to iOS 15, you might be among those experiencing a major bug in the iOS 15 Messages app, causing saved photos to be permanently deleted. Photos attached to a message thread are suddenly deleted, and not even iCloud can save them.

A glitch occurs when you save a photo from Messages to your camera roll, but delete the thread where the photo originated. Once the next iCloud Backup is performed, the picture will be lost.

The majority of iOS users have enabled iCloud Backup on their iPhones. As a result, if you tend to delete your messages regularly and already have iOS 15 installed, you might want to stop until there is a fix. However, if you keep all of your messages, there is a good chance you will not be affected.

It is unknown whether this deletes all photos in the message thread or only those saved after installing iOS 15.

Here’s how to reproduce the bug:

    • Save a photo from a Messages conversation to your Camera Roll.
    • Verify that the photo has been saved.
    • Delete the conversation in which the photo was taken. At this point, the photo will still be in your iCloud Photo Library.
    • Back up your iCloud Photo Library and the photo is gone.

Apple has yet to fix the Messages app bug reported by users.

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