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Monday, February 6, 2023

Bot That Spoils Twitter’s Wordle Solution is Suspended

The bot was even replying to people’s tweets about their Wordle solutions, revealing spoilers for the next day.

Twitter has suspended @wordlinator, a bot that posted clues for the next puzzle day and generally rude messages to Wordle fans.

There were a lot of unhappy Wordle players on Twitter due to the bot, and considering that the world can’t stop playing word games, there were a lot of angry users.

Wordle users have even taken to their own accounts to warn others about the bot.

With the design of the game, the bot could easily ruin puzzles. For one thing, the day’s answer is the same for everyone, so coming across the solution on Twitter would render the day’s puzzle moot. Also, the key to the puzzle is in the code itself.

Twitter’s Automaton Rules include not spamming or bothering users or sending unsolicited messages. It’s no surprise, then, that @wordlinator wasn’t allowed to be around for too long.

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