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DuckDuckGo’s email address is now available to everyone

Now DuckDuckGo is not only a search engine company, but also a company that dabbles in email. A private beta version of the company’s email service was launched in 2021. By 2022, the beta program has been completed and is ready for public consumption. The service is called, and as expected, the primary idea here is to protect your privacy. In this method, the user uses either a personal or a private “duck” email address to shield their real email address from companies.

DuckDuckGo Email Protection Service

When you use DuckDuckGo, trackers are removed from emails before they reach your inbox. It can also breakdown how many trackers were blocked in the past and which companies they are associated with.

As far as personal @Duck addresses are concerned, they work like other email services. Things take a sharp turn when we consider private addresses. You see, every time you begin to fill out an email field, the DuckDuckGo will promptly generate a random email address, which means, the other person will never know your personal address even if they tried.

If one private address receives too much spam for comfort, you can delete it and move on to another.

It’s clear that DuckDuckGo is serious about privacy protection as its new email service focuses more on this when compared to the likes of Gmail and Outlook. Right now, the big question is whether @Duck can gain traction.

Gmail and Outlook aren’t great for privacy, but they provide a lot of storage and key features. These are things @Duck is missing right now, and there is no guarantee if the creators want to go down that road.

We hope that a simple, yet effective email service that focuses on privacy will suffice.

How to get a email address on Computer

Start by installing the DuckDuckGo extension on Firefox or Chrome and visiting

How to get a email address on Phone

For email protection, go to the DuckDuckGo mobile app’s Settings page and tap on Email Protection.

You can get the full detail’s here on

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