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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Earth Can Now Be Viewed From The International Space Station In Virtual Reality

It is unlikely that most people will ever get to see the Blue Marble from space. However, a new VR experience gives us a pretty good look.

The makers of a VR documentary about life on the International Space Station have released a 7-minute VR experience called “Home Planet” that places viewers aboard the observational Copula Module aboard the ISS. The Cupola Module is primarily like a little crow’s nest from which astronauts can keep an eye on projects outside the ISS, and it comes with a universe-class view of Earth.

Apparently, The feeling of viewing Earth from this vantage point and gaining that Carl Sagan-Esque perspective is called “The Overview Effect.” The new experience promises to give the public a VR version of that inspiring view.

Home Planet will debut at Facebook Connect, the company’s metaverse event, on Thursday. However, after 5 p.m. PST, anyone can find it for free in the Oculus TV app and in the Oculus Space Explorers app. Happy Earth viewing!

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