Earth Can Now Be Viewed From The International Space Station In Virtual Reality

It is unlikely that most people will ever get to see the Blue Marble from space. However, a new VR experience gives us a pretty good look.

The makers of a VR documentary about life on the International Space Station have released a 7-minute VR experience called “Home Planet” that places viewers aboard the observational Copula Module aboard the ISS. The Cupola Module is primarily like a little crow’s nest from which astronauts can keep an eye on projects outside the ISS, and it comes with a universe-class view of Earth.

Apparently, The feeling of viewing Earth from this vantage point and gaining that Carl Sagan-Esque perspective is called “The Overview Effect.” The new experience promises to give the public a VR version of that inspiring view.

Home Planet will debut at Facebook Connect, the company’s metaverse event, on Thursday. However, after 5 p.m. PST, anyone can find it for free in the Oculus TV app and in the Oculus Space Explorers app. Happy Earth viewing!


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