Elon Musk Leaves A ‘Poop’ On Parag Agrawals Twitter Thread About Bots And Spam

CEO Parag Agrawal deliberated on Twitter’s bot issue much to the chagrin of soon to be boss Elon Musk. Parag’s thirteen tweet thread on bots was met with ‘poop’ emoji by the Tesla boss when he remarked that it’s not possible to perform bot estimation externally.

Bots have been a major concern for virtually everyone on Twitter. While Elon has put the deal on hold tentatively following twitter’s own bot estimation. The bird app claims the presence of about 5% of bots on the platform. Parag tweeted that it is well below 5% for the last four quarters. However he reiterated that ‘we aren’t perfect in catching spam.’

Parag went on to explain the parameters and modus operandi of bot hunting on the app. However he reiterated that ‘we aren’t perfect in catching spam.’ Twitter keeps on updating its systems and rules constantly to keep the bots and spam in check. The idea is to simplify the process for the lay without riddling ‘em with captcha every time they try to log in. Yeah! That would be ridiculous.

Spam harms the experience of the real people, Parag remarked while explaining how ‘spam’ infiltrates Twitter. ‘Spam’ is not always binary ie. human/not human rather they could be the combination of human + automation making it more sophisticated. Fighting ‘em is dynamic and the usually a set of rules that catches spam today might not work tomorrow as spams and bots evolve constantly!

Parag went on to explain how hard it is to identify accounts that superficially look spam but are genuine and vice versa.

While Elon has earlier rallied to decimate bots from the platform, last week he put the twitter deal tentatively on hold on account of bot count.