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Facebook may soon allow you to create up to five profiles

Facebook is currently testing the idea of allowing users to link up to five profiles to their primary account. Users will be able to designate particular Facebook accounts for particular groups they want to engage with, such as friends-only Facebook feeds and company-only feeds. Participants in the test will be able to quickly switch between their various profiles.

Facebook spokesman Leonard Lam wrote in an email to TechCrunch, “We’re exploring a mechanism for users to have more than one profile attached to a single Facebook account. This will enable people to personalize their experience based on interests and relationships.” “Anyone using Facebook must keep up with our regulations.”

Since users will be able to choose any username and profile name as long as it is distinctive and does not contain any numbers or special characters, additional profiles do not need to feature a person’s true name. In Facebook’s view, users’ primary profiles must continue to use their regular names.

Additional profiles, according to the firm, are still subject to its policies and are not permitted to impersonate people or misrepresent your identity. Your entire account might be affected if Facebook seems a violation on another profile. According to Facebook, this policy will assist stop users from misusing the network by creating multiple accounts. The tools employed by Facebook will identify which of a user’s other accounts was routinely used to violate the company’s regulations, and they will take the appropriate action, such as removing the offending profile or all other profiles, including the primary account, if required.

Several Facebook features, including setting up and managing a Page and using Facebook Dating, can only be accessed by users’ main profiles, according to Facebook.

Because a person’s additional profiles are under one Facebook account, the business claims the multi-profile option won’t affect how it provides user metrics, such as active monthly and daily users.

Facebook previously prohibited regular users from having more than one account, so allowing additional profiles represents a change for the company. The Facebook program is designed to encourage users to post and share more material with others while increasing interaction on the platform.

In order to keep its users, Facebook is seeking out new methods to compete with TikTok and other social media platforms. In February 2021, the company reported a decline in daily users for the first time in its history. However, the company then reported an uptick in the first three months of this year.

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