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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Gear Up For The Phenomenal Evolution Of Socialising And Digitalisation With 5G

It’s time to say goodbye to the fourth generation of connectivity, as 5G is going to be a reality soon. It will transform our lives phenomenally, making all things we do seamless, simpler and faster. Airtel was the first to test 5G in India back in 2018. And guess what, the guys are now doing it at scale in Hyderabad. Be it searching for a restaurant, ordering food, shopping, editing videos or socialising, each and everything will come handy with stupendous accuracy, cutting-edge speeds and negligible delays. Excited already? Read on.

Finding Restaurants Can Be So Much Easier Now: Your Phone Has To Simply ‘See’ To Find…
Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds. With the advanced implementation of mechanisms like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, 5G aims to make wireless connectivity more immersive across all sectors, from entertainment, food and shopping to gaming and communication. Say, when you try to find nearby restaurants by activating your location, the search gives you a list of the nearest eateries. You need to select and restaurant and in a separate map, you need to trace its location. While the process is easy, it’s always great to have it easier. With 5G, you just need to scan the surroundings with your phone. And all the restaurants near you will appear on your screen, with information, ratings, reviews and more, that too in real-time.

Ditch The Tape, Let 5G Do Your Shopping Measurements
Think shopping, your phone will be capable of doing measurements for you without the requirement of a tape. Yes, you heard that right. For example, say you have an empty place in your room where you plan to place a new sofa. You can place your phone in front of that space, along with the surroundings, and 5G will decide whether the sofa fits and suits that space or not. Your screen will show the sofa in the empty space, even when it’s not there.

Say Hello To Intelligent Travel Experiences
You will see the effects of 5G on the travel, right from the airports you visit, the trains you catch, the taxis you board to the private cars you drive. When it comes to airports, you can have wider access to a hoard of applications including real-time streaming and tracking inside the airport. Your baggage and aircraft tags will be connected through 5G, so massive data exchanges on a real-time basis can take place. 5G will have its impact on railways too. Monitoring queues at ticket offices and train forecasts would be much easier. With the advent of 5G, hotels will be able to provide high-speed internet for multiple devices thereby reducing the load on Wi-Fi networks. Reliable 5G connections can give hotels advanced smart features like smart thermostats and connected lights.

Entertainment: A New Dimension With Virtual Collaborations And Enhanced Audience Engagement
With the implementation of augmented reality and virtual reality, gaming, music and videos will get brand new, highly innovated dimensions. Entertainment will be much smoother with 5G, with excellent gaming speeds and buffering-free videos. The low latency rates will make media experiences all the more interesting. Through collaborative viewing and working, 5G aims to bring the world much closer, that too in real-time. 5G will redefine audience engagement on different platforms with wireless technology. 5G will bring a big amount of bandwidth and additional capacity, so people can share and consume large amounts of data through multiple devices.

Coming to editing videos, with 5G, the same video can be edited in more than one device, that too at the same time, in collaboration. While you add the filters, your friend can set the duration of the clip in real-time. The same goes for editing photos, with collaborative storyboards. This is one innovation we all had been waiting for. Isn’t so? What’s more, downloading speeds will be way faster than what it is today. And we might simply forget about technical glitches and frozen faces while on video calls. No matter how bandwidth-sensitive a video is, 5G will handle it effortlessly.

Household Appliances To Become Smarter And Automated
When you come back home from a tiring cab journey, how you wish your geyser would switch on on its home, the hall lights switch on as a happy welcome and the front food automatically opens to welcome you. Well, travel enthusiasts, this can soon be a reality, if businesses fully embrace 5G. With access to your real-time location and knowledge about your daily routine, 5G can seamlessly create true connectivity and smart interaction with your device.

So, brace yourselves, guys, the connectivity revolution is knocking on the door!

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