Gmail On Android Now Included Search Filters To Make Finding Emails Easier.

In an effort to make Gmail’s ‘search’ feature more useful, Google has begun rolling out a new search filter feature in the app for Android users. The feature was added to the web version of Gmail last year, and it is now available on the Android app.

Google announced its new search filter options in Gmail for Android in an official post on its Workspace forum. Filters make it easy to find relevant emails. In Gmail on Android, the new search filters include From, Sent to, Date, and Attachments. Users can tap any of the options either before or after searching for emails in their inbox, just like on the desktop version.

In the Gmail app, the search filters help users easily find the email they’re looking for. The filters can be used before typing anything into the search bar to access relevant emails instantly or after making a search to narrow down the results.

In the search bar, users can search for emails using keywords and then use the From and Sent To search filters to get more specific results, such as emails sent to a particular colleague or emails received during a specific time period.

As for the availability, Google has begun rolling out the search filter feature on Gmail for Android this week. The company is following an extended rollout schedule, however.

As a result, if you do not see the feature in your Gmail app on your Android device even after updating it from the Play Store, Google says you should receive it by the end of October.