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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Google Has Killed Yet Another Excellent App You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

Shed a tear, folks: there’s another tombstone in the Google Graveyard. Today’s dearly departed is Google Poly. What’s that? Have you never heard of Google Poly? Join the club. Despite covering Google products for over a decade, this one passed through the Android Police radar with nary a blip.

For posterity, Google Poly (as in polygon) was an online repository of 3D models. Users could upload and share, displaying them in an entire 3D interface accessible on the web and mobile. It included some neat tools, like essential social media sharing and the option to make a quick GIF model for posting elsewhere. Perhaps more importantly, artists could display the content license of their creations, quickly letting others know exactly how they could use it for their projects or practice.

Poly shuts down today, June 30th, after closing off uploads back in April. Users can download any models and Tilt Brush files that they’ve posted by using the Google Takeout service. If you’re looking for an alternative, Google recommends Sketchfab.

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