Google Maps Is Testing A Brand-New Feature Which Allows Users To Dock Locations

A new feature is being tested by Google Maps that allows users to dock locations.
‘Dock to Bottom’ is a new feature in Google Maps that lets users dock locations at the bottom of the map page. Isn’t it cool?

According to Search Engine Roundtable reports, the new function will add a ‘Dock To Bottom’ button in the Google Maps app that will allow users to locate the docked location on a map quickly.

Users can find the exact location of a business on Google Maps using this feature, which will prove very useful for businesses.

It is also said that the ‘Dock To Botton’ feature will include a close option, which means that the dock will be hidden from Google Maps once the close option is tapped. Furthermore, the new feature will make it easier to dock at specific locations or plan a trip without any hassle.
Yet, there is no official word yet on when this feature will be rolled out.
Google Maps recently rolled out a new feature called ‘Area Busyness’ which updates users about the live busyness trends of a certain place. Users can use this feature to plan their travel based on how crowded a specific location is a post-COVID pandemic.

Besides, the new Directory tab option allows users to explore famous public places like restaurants, airports, malls, etc.