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Google Maps Rolls Out New Functionality That Allows You To Check Air Quality Before You Go

Google seems to be enhancing its app experience with each passing day, the search giant is constantly sending new updates. Google Maps is one such offering from the company that makes your life easier, especially if you love to travel to different places. Now in the latest development, Google has added a new feature to the app that allows you to check the air quality of the place your visit.

Yes! Your read it correctly, we are not joking around, the company has rolled out a new feature that tells you about the air quality index (AQI), this might help you in making outdoor plans. It was announced back in 2021, but now it’s available for countries like India and the United States.

How to check Air Quality on Google Maps

  • First, you need to open the Google Map on your Phone.
  • Now tap on the layer icon and select the air quality layer.
  • The moment you add the layer, you can see that Google Map zooms out to show the air quality.
  • You have to zoom in to get results for specific areas.

โ€œIn 2018, we started mapping hyperlocal air quality in Copenhagen, working closely with the City of Copenhagen and Utrecht University, in collaboration with Aarhus University,โ€ย reads the blog post.

According to the official report, Google Maps can now access air quality data from the government offering stations. It uses the NowCast algorithm to calculate the data from raw sensors and convert it. It would be interesting to see how the new feature will work in India.

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