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Guiding Light: Understanding the Inner Workings of Snapchat’s Friend Solar Systems

Unlocking the Mystery: Understanding Friend Solar Systems on Snapchat

Friend Solar Systems on Snapchat, a feature exclusive to Snapchat+ subscribers, offer a fascinating insight into the dynamics of digital friendships. Central to this system is the ‘Best Friends’ badge, adorned with a distinctive gold ring, which appears on a user’s Friendship Profile. This badge signifies that the individuals bearing it are among the user’s top eight most interacted-with friends, a testament to the depth of their digital connection.

Navigating the Solar System

Upon tapping the ‘Best Friends’ badge, users are granted access to their friend’s Solar System, where each planet represents a different position in their Best Friends list. This ingenious metaphorical representation adds a playful and insightful dimension to the understanding of one’s social circle within the Snapchat universe.

Activating the Solar System Feature

For new subscribers to Snapchat+, the Solar System feature remains inactive by default. To embark on the journey of exploring your friend’s planetary arrangements, a simple visit to the Snapchat+ feature management page allows you to toggle the Solar System on. The flexibility to toggle this feature on or off at any given time adds convenience and control to the user experience.

Understanding the Planetary Symbols

Curious about which planet corresponds to each Friendmoji? Refer to the guide below for a breakdown of the celestial symbolism:

  1. Mercury: Represents the user’s top best friend, symbolizing the individual with whom the most Snaps and Chats are exchanged.
  2. Venus: Occupies the second position in the Solar System, signifying the user’s second closest friend on Snapchat.
  3. Earth: The third planet in the lineup, representing the user’s third best friend within the app’s ecosystem.
  4. Mars: Corresponds to the fourth closest friend on Snapchat, denoting a significant level of interaction and connection.
  5. Jupiter: Symbolizes the fifth position in the Solar System, reflecting a substantial bond and shared experiences.
  6. Saturn: Occupies the sixth spot, representing a friendship adorned with unique characteristics and shared memories.
  7. Uranus: Represents the user’s seventh closest friend, deserving of recognition despite its solitary appearance.
  8. Neptune: Completes the roster as the eighth and final planet, signifying a significant friendship within the Snapchat circle.


Friend Solar Systems on Snapchat offer users a novel and engaging way to visualize their closest digital connections. By understanding how these systems work and the symbolism behind each planet, users can navigate their social universe with clarity and appreciation for the relationships they cherish. With the ability to activate and deactivate the Solar System feature at will, Snapchat continues to empower users to curate their digital experiences with ease.

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