HCL Will Hire 1000 Employees In UK For These Critical Skills; UK Hiring Up By 30%


HCL is strengthening its presence in the UK as it will hire 1,000 IT professionals in the next few months.

Its UK workforce is presently 3,500 strong which supports its 50 clients in the region as well as internationally.

Hiring For Specialised Skills
The areas it will be hiring in include digital transformation, cloud, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

The offices these employees will occupy are the ones in London, Greater London and Manchester.

The announcement was made after a virtual meeting between HCL Tech CEO C Vijayakumar and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The meeting was convened in order to discuss the latter’s plans to build stronger business relations between the UK and India.

UK PM And HCL CEO Issue Statements
Vijayakumar said in a statement that the UK has been a key contributor to HCL’s growth and success since it started there in 1997.

HCL channels its offerings through its IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) and Products & Platforms (P&P) business units.

UK houses some of HCL’s most valuable clients and is also a source of talent in the IT sector.

The firm is looking to reaffirm its commitment to building innovation and creating competitive talent pools in the digital sector by creating local jobs in the region.

The UK PM said that thanks to firms like HCL, the UK and India, which he says are at the “forefront of IT innovation”, can jointly lead the way and “build back better” by means of skilled job creation.

Infosys UK Boosts Hiring
Another Indian IT company in the UK, Infosys, will also be hiring 1,000 people in the region in areas of digital skills to boost post pandemic recovery overseas.

The skills it will hire in are cloud computing, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, open-source technologies and enterprise services.

Mphasis In UK
Mphasis also aims to create 1,000 jobs in the UK region.

It will focus on specialisation in digital transformation in the sectors of banking and insurance.

To that effect, it will open up a centre just outside of London towards which it will invest £25 million (about Rs 255 crore).

Wipro In UK
Wipro will set up a 20,000 sq. ft Innovation Centre in Holborn, London, a venture in which it will invest £16 million (about $22 million) over 4 years.

This will be Wipro’s flagship centre from which it will service global clients using its digital, cyber security, and cloud expertise.

The centre adds to its repertoire of 10 offices in the region among which is a Cloud studio in London and a Cyber Defense Centre in Reading.