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How to Famous Downaload Instagram Reels on iPhone: 5 Easy ways

Last year, Instagram introduced its short video format, Reels, which was inspired by TikTok. These 60-second long Reels videos are usually engaging and relatable to hook you to Instagram. However, one of the most significant downsides is that Instagram doesn’t allow to download of Reels posted by another account.

Don’t worry! This article lists the best ways to download Instagram Reels on iPhone. Read on to know more.

Note: Reels are protected by copyright and cannot be shared outside Instagram without the creator’s permission.

  1. Use Screen Recorder
  2. Save audio Reels via third-party apps
  3. Use online Reel downloader tools
  4. Save Reels using Instagram
  5. Use Instagram Stories

Use Screen Recorder: Using iPhone’s native screen recorder is the best way to download Instagram Reels with audio. Before recording, make sure Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. The recording will appear if notifications are not enabled.

  1. Open Control Center.
    • Swipe down on iPhones with Face ID
    • Swipe up on iPhones with Home Button
  1. Tap the screen record button (the icon with a solid circle within a circle).
  2. The screen recorder starts after a three-second count down.
  3. Open Instagram and play the Reel.
  4. Once done, tap the red button showing time in the Status bar.
  5. Alternatively, open Control Center and press the same button to stop recording.
  6. The Reel will be saved and can be accessed from Photos.

Microphone access may not have been granted to Screen Recorder if you are unable to record the audio with SCreen Recorder. I recommend checking our guide on the same.

Note: If your iOS native screen recording crashes Instagram, you can opt for third-party screen recorder apps.

  • Save audio Reels via third-party apps: Offers more features

InSaver: Reposter is easy to use, free, and offers a lot of features. Once you download InSaver: Reposter, follow the steps below.

  1. Open Instagram and tap the Reel you want to download.
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots at the bottom right.
  3. Copy Reel link and close Instagram.
  4. Now, open InSaver.
  5. The app will automatically fetch Reels video preview without pasting the link.
  6. Select Preview on the pop-up.
  7. You’ll get two options Save and Repost.
  8. Select Save and grant the required permission.

You’re done! The Instagram Reel video will now be saved in Photos, which is the most effortless way to download the Reel with audio.

Additionally, the InSaver: Reposter app can also be used to repost Instagram reels, squares, frames, and round pics. Moreover, Instagram Reels videos can be saved unlimited times with the app. There is, however, one downside to this app: intrusive advertisements.

  • Use online Reel downloader tools: Simple and easy

Without downloading any apps, online Instagram downloader tools offer basic functionality. I have used IG Downloader because it is seamless and allows me to download Instagram Reels, photos, and more in a flash. It will save Reels in the form of a shareable video in the Downloads folder.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Go to IG Downloader.
  2. Paste the Instagram video link and tap enter.
  3. Now, hit the download button.

The best part is that you can use the tool to download Reels on Mac.

  • Save Reels using Instagram: Best for offline viewing.

Instagram doesn’t let you officially download Reels on iPhone. However, you can still save Reels for offline video. The video is handy if you reside in an area with limited connectivity or want to view Reels offline.

Follow the steps below to save Instagram Reels for offline viewing:

  1. Open Instagram and go to the Reels tab.
  2. Tap the three horizontal dots at the bottom right.
  3. Select Save.
  4. Open your Profile and tap three horizontal dots.
  5. The Reel will appear in the Saved section.
  6. Use Instagram Stories: Save Reels without posting.

You can save Reels without posting on Instagram Stories, which not many people know. However, the feature comes with a caveat, and Instagram will save only fifteen seconds of the Reel. Want to download Instagram Stories?

Follow the below steps to save Reels with audio.

  1. Open the Reel you want to save.
  2. Tap the Share button.
  3. Use pinch-zoom to make the Reels fullscreen.
  4. Select Add Reel to Your Story.
  5. Tap three horizontal buttons at the top right.
  6. Select Save.

That’s it!

On iPhone, these are the best ways to download Instagram Reels. A screen recorder is the easiest way to capture a screen frame, but you can also use an Instagram repost app or an online tool if you need a precise frame.

How do you download Instagram Reels? Share your answers in the comments below.

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