How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Notes On Your iPhone, iPad

There are many methods to recover deleted notes


Apple Notes is the best software for jotting down notes on iPhones and iPads. This app makes saving and sharing PDFs and ideas simple.

But, if you mistakenly or accidentally delete any note, then don’t worry. There are many methods to recover deleted notes.

Steps To Recover Deleted Notes Using iCloud

1) Login to your Cloud account.

2) Click on the notes button.

3) Now, tap on the Recently Deleted folder on the list.

4) Choose the note and click to recover. The note will be moved to the folder.

Steps To Recover Deleted Notes On Your iPhone or iPad –

1) Go to the Notes app on your iPhone/iPad.

2) Now, tap on the section in the top left corner to access the Folders menu.

3) Go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder.

4) Tap on the Edit button.

5) Select the note you wish to recover.

6) Tap on the move button at the bottom.

7) Now, choose the destination to move the note and tap on it.

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