How To Send A Text Message In The Clubhouse

The Clubhouse has unveiled a new text messaging feature called Backchannel, allowing users to chat to each other in writing while simultaneously chatting to each other verbally.

Even Clubhouse can’t ignore the benefits of being able to send a quick Direct Message with the social media app because it’s audio-based.

You can send a text message in Clubhouse by following these steps.

  1. Open The Clubhouse.
  2. Tap the paper airplane icon in the lower right corner of the display.
  3. Simply tap the pen and paper icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. Would you please type the name of the person you want to chat with and select them? If you follow their profile, they will appear. You can also add more than one name to form a group chat of up to 15 people.
  5. Hit Done, and the text chat will open, ready for you to type in your written messages.

Messages can also be sent to people you do not follow. Navigate to their profile and click the paper airplane icon to the left of the follow button.

It does not mean you have full access to spam the Bee Movie script to everyone on the app. If your recipient doesn’t follow you, your messages will appear in their Requests tab, and users can turn off message requests from people they don’t mind.

Backchannel presently has no image or video sharing features, and you can’t respond to messages, leaving it markedly less effective than Twitter and Facebook’s direct messaging systems. However, Clubhouse has announced that it intends to update Backchannel to include more features in the future.