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How to Use iOS 17 FaceTime Reactions for Fun and Interactive Calls

In iOS 17, Apple has enhanced FaceTime by introducing reactions that add a layer of expressiveness to your video calls. These reactions are akin to those in Messages but come with a unique twist—they’re activated through hand gestures instead of text.

Activating FaceTime Reactions

During a FaceTime video call on an iOS 17-equipped iPhone, you can now trigger on-screen effects such as hearts, balloons, confetti, fireworks, and more. These effects will overlay the FaceTime window, making your interactions more lively and engaging.

Methods to Trigger Reactions

There are two ways to activate these screen effects:

  1. Long Press Menu: Perform a long press on your image during a FaceTime call. This will bring up a menu displaying various reaction options. You can then select the desired reaction from this menu.
  2. Gesture Controls: You can go hands-free and use physical gestures to initiate reactions. This method allows for a more natural and seamless way to express yourself during calls.

List of FaceTime Reactions and Their Gestures

Here are the eight FaceTime reactions available in iOS 17 and the gestures required to trigger them:

  1. Love: Triggered by a heart emoji gesture (❤️).
  2. Like: Activated by giving a thumbs-up (👍).
  3. Dislike: Shown by a thumbs-down gesture (👎).
  4. Balloons: Initiated with a peace sign (✌️).
  5. Stormy Rain: Displayed with two thumbs-down (👎👎).
  6. Confetti: Triggered by two peace signs (✌️✌️).
  7. Laser Beams: Activated by a rock-on gesture (🤘).
  8. Fireworks: Shown by two thumbs-up (👍👍).

Using FaceTime Reactions

To use these reactions effectively during your FaceTime calls:

  • For a Heart Reaction (❤️): Simply gesture the heart emoji, and the screen will fill with floating hearts.
  • For a Like (👍): A single thumbs-up will trigger a like reaction.
  • For Fireworks (👍👍): Raise both thumbs for a spectacular display of fireworks.
  • For a Dislike (👎): A thumbs-down will show a dislike reaction.
  • For a Stormy Rain (👎👎): Two thumbs-down will bring about a stormy rain effect.
  • For Balloons (✌️): A peace sign will release balloons on the screen.
  • For Confetti (✌️✌️): Two peace signs will shower the screen with confetti.
  • For Laser Beams (🤘): A rock-on gesture will activate laser beams.

Enhancing Your FaceTime Experience

These new reactions in iOS 17 make FaceTime calls more interactive and enjoyable. Whether you’re expressing love, joy, or disappointment, these gestures allow you to communicate non-verbally in a fun and engaging way. By incorporating these reactions, Apple continues to enhance the user experience, making virtual interactions more personal and dynamic.

With iOS 17, your FaceTime calls can now be more expressive and visually captivating, ensuring that every conversation is memorable.

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