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Huawei’s New Smartwatch Will Show Your Blood Pressure: How Will It Work?

Huawei will launch its first smartwatch, the Watch 3, in the later half of this year.

The news was reported on a Weibo (essentially the Chinese Twitter) post by the President of Huawei’s Consumer Business Mobile Phone Product Line He Gang.

More Than A Smartwatch
He shared a critical feature of the device in which it monitors one’s ECG (electrocardiogram).

Accordingly, it has been registered as a medical device in China and is beginning clinical trials.

It Tracks These Health Metrics
Other medical features it could offer include hypertension management, coronary heart disease screening and body temperature measurement.

The heart disease screening feature will be supported by ECG readings which in turn will be fed by PPG and ACC data.

The smartwatch will run on HarmonyOS along with eSIM functionality.

Huawei In India
Huawei, which employs 3,500 in India, has set up its own health infrastructure for its employees in the midst of the Covid crisis in India.

It has a strong presence in India with its largest overseas R&D facility in Bengaluru along with a corporate office in Delhi.

Many of its employees are presently working from home.

Huawei’s Covid Relief Efforts
Huawei has ensured that all employees can avail 24×7 ambulance service for themselves or their dependents.

It has also partnered with hospitals to provide oxygen-supported beds should anyone struggle to find one in an emergency.

It is also working on making vaccination easier to access for their workers and their families.

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