India To Be Tollbooth Free In 2 Years; GPS-Based Toll Collection To Be Launched

Union Minister Gadkari said within 2 years time, India will be free from toll both as the centre has decided on a GPS based toll collection system that would directly debit the amount from the linked bank account.

On the sidelines of the Assocham Foundation week ‘national infrastructure pipeline critical for economic revival across sectors’, Gadkari said the new GPS toll collection system will be introduced with Russian technology and on the basis of the distance travelled, the amount shall be deducted from the commuter’s e-wallet or bank account. And this will facilitate seamless movement of vehicles.

As per the report, while the new commercial as well as personal vehicles come loaded with GPS or global positioning system, the method will be sought out to deploy the same in old vehicles too.

The method has been considered after the FASTag system of electronic toll collection is in place now for some time. Operated by the NHAI, this FASTag is affixed on the windscreen and vehicles do not need to stop at all toll gates as charges are debited from the linked account while the vehicle is moving.