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iPhone Long Exposure Photos: How To Take It?

Take long exposure photos with your iPhone as long as it can take Live photos.

Since the iPhone 6s, Apple’s built-in camera has been able to take “Live” photos. You can take long exposure stills as soon as you turn on the “Live” setting.

Start by Turning on Photos 

You can take Live photos by pressing the button with concentric and dashed circles on the top of the camera screen. The mode captures the few moments before you take the picture, bringing the still moment to life briefly.

Don’t forget to use the Live mode when taking photos

The shutter button needs to be pressed as usual. While in Live mode, keep the phone as still as possible since it is capturing the few seconds before.

“Long Exposure” should be selected

A long exposure simulates the effect of a slow shutter speed. You can’t change the shutter speed on an iPhone, but Live photos allow you to modify the moving image with different effects.

The Live photo can be found in the camera roll. To access the “Effects” section, scroll down below the photo. Pick “Long Exposure.”

Live photos will appear blurry or smoothed if there was any movement during the shot.

As seen in the second photo, some California poppy flowers are being affected by the wind.

Show off your artistic skills by posting a photo

You can save your Live photo with the long exposure effect, or you can go to your camera roll, scroll to the “Effects” section, and remove it. Your choice. There are also bounce, looping, and other effects you can use to modify the image.

There are third-party apps for getting the same effect, but this is already built into your phone. Artistic eye not included.

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