iPhone Renders Show Clamshell And Portless Design: Everything You Need To Know.


Apple is working on a foldable iPhone. This rumor has been going around for the last couple of years, but up until now the company hasn’t shown any indication of the foldable iPhone. Every year at the start of the year, rumors start circulating online. An internet leak suggests that the prototype of the upcoming foldable iPhone has a similar design and component to the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold. A YouTuber named ardstudiodesign shared a video that showcases the design renders of the speculated foldable iPhone. Read on to find out more.

Foldable Apple iPhone Renders

The YouTuber shows renders of the alleged foldable iPhone, which showcases a triple rear camera setup on the left corner as well as a secondary display. Additionally, the video renders revealed that the device will feature a clamshell design and that the secondary display will show notifications, calls, and alerts. Moreover, the render reveals that the foldable handset from Apple will be shipped without any ports, and everything will be wireless, including charging, which seems to be too soon, since Apple has yet to develop wireless fast charging.

Also, the video reveals that the company intends to remove the SIM slot altogether as well as to encourage users to switch to the e-SIM concept. Hardware-wise, the foldable smartphone reportedly uses the M1 chipset. Besides, the render didn’t reveal anything about the camera or display features.


According to previous reports, Apple filed a patent for a hinge design for the iPhone back in 2020. The patent is foldable with a display opening at 90 degrees according to the patent. Apple might be working on a foldable phone, but it will still take some time for it to hit the market. We’ll see when the company is ready to unwrap the device.