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Is Dubai going Launch Its Own Crypto Dubicoin(DBIX)? Or Is It A Fake News?

Jumping on the bandwagon DubaiCoin, The city’s own cryptocurrency has been launched (DBIX), in accordance with some reports. DubaiCoin is a famous topic right now.

Although the Dubaicoin is not precisely a CBDC, it is the closest thing we have to China’s authentic digital Yuan, which is now being tested in the country. Countries such as the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and the European Union are considering digital equivalents of fiat currencies.

Did Dubai Really Launch Its Own Crypto Dubicoin(DBIX)?
The Dubai Electronic Security Centre stated late Thursday night that the digital currency regarded as the “Dubai Coin” has not been sanctioned by any official body and that the website promotion the coin is an unlicensed site aimed at phishing people’s e-mail addresses, passwords, and telephone numbers through an electronic form.

‘Dubai Coin cryptocurrency was once never sanctioned by any reliable authority,’ Dubai Media Office tweeted from its handle @DXBMediaOffice. The coin’s promotional website is a state-of-the-art phishing scheme aimed to collect personal information from its users.’
According to reports, Dubai established its own cryptocurrency referred to as Dubai Coin in order to be at the forefront of smart technologies (DBIX).

According to reports, the coin’s preliminary price was $0.17 per coin, and it had risen four hundred percent in a matter of days. Fake once more. There is one exchange that hosts the unconfirmed Coin, however, it has been labeled a rip-off by tech bloggers.

The United Arab Emirates is regarded for being a safe haven for cryptocurrency investors. In reality, the India-based COVID-19 relief organization, India Covid Relief Fund, has established a subsidiary in Dubai to convert crypto donations into fiat currency. The Dubaicoin, on the different hand, would be distinct from other cryptocurrencies, in accordance with reports.

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