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Is YouTube Premium Worth It? Six Reasons to Subscribe

YouTube has become synonymous with online video streaming. While it’s known for its free access, YouTube also offers a subscription service called YouTube Premium. This service includes benefits like ad-free videos, background playback, and offline viewing. In this article, we’ll explore YouTube Premium and help you decide if it’s worth the investment.

What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by Google. It comes in several membership plans:

  • Individual Membership: $13.99 per month, or $139.99 annually after a one-month free trial.
  • Family Plan: $22.99 per month, allowing up to five family members (ages 13+) to share the subscription. This plan also offers a one-month free trial.
  • Student Plan: $7.99 per month with a one-month free trial, available to students enrolled in higher education institutions that support YouTube student memberships.

All YouTube Premium plans include YouTube Music Premium and other benefits, making it an attractive option for users.

Why Subscribe to YouTube Premium?

The decision to subscribe to YouTube Premium depends on your entertainment needs and budget. Here are some compelling reasons to consider it:

1. Ad-Free Viewing

One of the most appealing features of YouTube Premium is the ability to watch videos without ads interrupting your experience. This ad-free experience extends across all platforms, including smart TVs, game consoles, tablets, and phones. Although third-party banner ads may still appear, YouTube shares subscription revenue with creators, enabling an ad-free experience for premium subscribers.

2. Enhanced YouTube Kids Experience

For parents, the ad-free viewing on YouTube Kids is a significant benefit. Children can watch their favorite shows without interruptions, ensuring a smoother and safer viewing experience.

3. Non-Stop Music with YouTube Music Premium

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the ad-free experience and uninterrupted playlists offered by YouTube Music Premium, included with all YouTube Premium plans. If you only want to enjoy music, YouTube Music Premium is available as a standalone subscription.

4. Offline Viewing

With YouTube Premium, you can download videos and music for offline viewing. This feature is particularly useful during travel or in areas with spotty Wi-Fi. The Smart Downloads feature even automatically adds recommended content to your library for offline access.

5. Background Play

YouTube Premium allows for background play, letting you listen to music or podcasts while using other apps or with your device’s screen off. This is ideal for multitasking and makes the subscription valuable for podcast listeners and those who enjoy music during their daily activities.

6. Seamless Device Switching

YouTube Premium saves your place in videos and songs, allowing you to switch devices without losing your spot. This feature is handy for users who frequently switch between devices.

Additional YouTube Premium Benefits

YouTube Premium offers several other enhanced features:

  • Create a queue of videos to watch next while watching another video.
  • Adjust video quality settings, such as watching videos in 1080p on iPhones and iPads.
  • Access to an informative benefits page with stats on your viewing habits.
  • Try experimental features like free-to-play games on YouTube Playables.

When You Might Not Need YouTube Premium

While YouTube Premium offers numerous benefits, it may not be necessary for everyone. Here are some reasons you might skip the subscription:

Cost Savings

If you’re content with the free version of YouTube and can tolerate ads, you might prefer to save the subscription cost. Sharing the family plan with multiple members can make it more cost-effective, but it’s still an additional expense.

Limited Music Listening

If you already have a music subscription service like Spotify or aren’t a heavy music listener, YouTube Music Premium’s benefits may not justify the cost.

YouTube Originals Library

YouTube’s exclusive shows used to be a significant draw, but the focus has shifted to the YouTube Partner Program. Popular originals like “Cobra Kai” have moved to other platforms, and many old favorites are available for free with ads.

Conclusion: Is YouTube Premium Worth It?

For heavy YouTube users, a Premium subscription can be a worthwhile investment. The ad-free experience alone might justify the cost. Additional features like offline viewing, background play, and enhanced viewing experiences add significant value. If you don’t use other music streaming services, YouTube Premium becomes even more attractive. Ultimately, the decision depends on your viewing habits and how much you value an uninterrupted, flexible viewing experience.

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