Jio Cloud PC to Let Millions of Indians Get Affordable PC Experience

Over the past two to three decades, the definition of a PC has completely changed. Jio, one of India’s most revolutionary telecom and tech companies, is now redefining the PC. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) announced Jio Cloud PC during its 45th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on August 29, 2022. Along with JioAirFiber, Jio Cloud PC will be an exciting addition to India’s consumer electronics market.

In the future, JioAirFiber will enable consumers to get gigabit internet speeds over the air without having to install any cable in their homes. Cloud PC is a new product from Jio that allows customers to ditch their traditional PCs and replace them with a virtual PC hosted in the cloud.

What is Jio Cloud PC?

Jio Cloud PC, in simple words, is a virtual PC that is hosted in the cloud. Traditionally, everything must be installed and set up locally for computing to take place. Depending on several factors, it can also be expensive and take up space. The Jio Cloud PC, coupled with JioAirFiber, would enable consumers to use the cloud PC without any huge upfront costs. An Indian home or business could essentially have the power of a PC, or even multiple PCs, for an affordable price.

According to Kiran Thomas, President of Reliance Jio, this product would change the lives of students, gig workers, and small businesses. From large organisations to small businesses, everyone can benefit from the existence of Jio Cloud PC. The 5G network of Jio would enable consumers to get a real-time computing experience with the Jio Cloud PC. The market availability of these products is not known yet. More should clear once Jio launches the 5G network.