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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Nothing’s New ‘Sublime’ Twitter Announcement Leaves Everyone Guessing.

Could this be the next phone from Nothing? This is highly unlikely given that Nothing Phone 1 is still popular and selling.

Ever since Nothing launched its first-ever smartphone, it has been in the limelight. After only a few months, the business has returned with another subtle Twitter post that appears to be an announcement of a new product.

Nothing has posted a teaser on Twitter that is quite mysterious. In the tweet, they posted an image of a butterfly with transparent wings against a white background, and this has left people puzzled. The photo of the butterfly is shared with a caption that reads, “Sublime. Coming Soon.” This has left many guessing as to what the new product could be.

Could this be the next phone from Nothing? This is highly unlikely given that Nothing Phone 1 is still popular and selling, but a scaled-down version to appeal to the general public is always a possibility. Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, recently refuted the rumour of the existence of Nothing Phone 1 Lite. However, the idea of a slightly less powerful phone for a lower price is how smartphone companies are attempting to stay relevant across price points today.

Pei retweeted the teaser with the caption, “The Animal Kingdom is calling again,” indicating how the business advertised the Nothing Phone 1 with birds.
The fact that it’s a brand-new animal might imply that it’s a brand-new product, but the wings’ transparency seems to be a nod to the clear-back design of the Phone 1. This could be a new shade for the current phone. The phone was first offered in black or white, and since this butterfly has a reddish tinge along with those hues, the company may plan to use that colour for the new colour scheme. Similar to this, the company added a new colour to its first set of headphones a few months after they were first released.

If not, it could be a completely new line of products. This could be a teaser for the company’s next generation of earbuds, or it could be time to see a new product category, like a smartwatch. Although we are unsure of what it will be yet, we are confident that the company will continue to release regular teasers over the coming months.

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