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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Now, WhatsApp users can pause, resume, and play voice messages in the background

WhatsApp has announced several improvements aimed at making communication easier for its users. With the most recent voice message improvements, millions of people can now access voice notes. Earlier this year, the platform added a voice message replay feature for forwarded notes. Users will be able to pause and restart voice notes, play them outside of chat, and draught recordings before sending them.

According to reports, voice notes now play 1.5 or 2 times faster. According to the business, users transmit roughly 7 billion audio messages every day.

“It’s simple for anybody to use – for your members of the family who prefer not to type, for your folks who love to share stories, for your colleagues who need praise and encouragement, or for when you want to hear your partner’s voice at the end of a hard day,” WhatsApp’s official blog stated.

The new improvements are expected to be released during the next several weeks. The latest upgrade is a welcome addition for those who use WhatsApp for voice messages and chats frequently. Listening to extended voice notes was previously inconvenient since the audio would cease as soon as the user returned to the chat interface. It was necessary to start afresh to hear the message.

On the other hand, WhatsApp has addressed this issue in its most recent version. Users may now listen to voice messages while moving through conversations, however, the voice message will cease playing once the app is closed. Only when the program is open does the voice note player work.

The platform’s latest upgrade has altered the appearance of audio communications. The old form has been replaced with a waveform in the upgrade. Users will be able to tell which portion of the not has the most effect or sound with this graphic design. Not only that, but the program will save the playing progress, allowing users to restart playback from where they left off.

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